16/03/2023 – Denunciation by SVEOD of the unjustified repression of the strike mobilization

Statement – Denunciation

Today Thursday 16th of March 2023, the day of general strike all over the national territory, we denounce the unprovoked, unjustified and hate-filled attack by the police, which happened in Syntagma Square. The police forces of the Antiriot Squad (MAT) attacked without the slightest reason, with batons, asphyxiants, flash bombs and tear gas, the block of the base unions SVEOD and SSM at the moment they were heading from Filellinon Street to Othonos Street. The fierce attack by the police, which deliberately targeted this specific block, was done with the aim of breaking up the strike rally-march, which was achieved after the chemical warfare they unleashed. Colleagues on strike received to the full extent the violent repression of the Greek police, and as a result some of us had to be taken to the hospital for first aid.

Sixteen days after the accident/state assassination in Tebi, the government, instead of taking responsibility, continues its policy of repression, attempting to silence all those voices demanding justice, while simultaneously intimidating and terrorizing grassroots base syndicalism, which emerges from the flesh of the working class itself. Similarly, the Mass Media, well-fed by public money, do all they can to reinforce the government narrative in order to reverse and distort reality.

State violence and repression cannot stop the world of struggle, they cannot suffocate the truth in order to get rid of their responsibilities. Instead, all they do is to expose even more what government policies are about, while society struggles and stands on its feet not to let another state crime to be buried.

We have not been frightened by the labour regime, by weather conditions, by the broken road network, by thug employers, by the corrupt institutional services, we are not even frightened by terrorism in a uniform.

We are the storm in the eye of the cyclone.

From struggling in the streets, to the street of the struggle.


Base Union Assembly for Bike and Motorbike Riders (S.V.E.O.D.)


17 Μαρτίου, 2023

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