Our identity and why we keep up the struggle

Our identity and why we keep up the struggle

The base union for bike and motorcycle workers (S.V.E.O.D) was established in the spring of 2007. Any employee who uses a bike or motorbike for their job (couriers/delivery/ outside workers) can become a member of S.V.E.O.D. Through the union we struggle to improve our working conditions and our lives in general. Since we all share the dangers of the road on a daily basis under the oppression of a boss or a company, but we also share our thoughts and needs, we’ve come to realize that our condition is a common one. We are sick and tired of facing our employers individually. We share the same fate, so we decided to organize together in order to take our lives in our own hands and stop being fatalistic.

In the union you won’t find settled syndicalists, ready-made recipes for our problems nor will you meet the indifference typical of a sold out bureaucratic mechanism. ΅We are workers who face the same hardships in our lives and in our workplace. Together we share our thoughts, concerns, plans and we organize events, actions, strikes, moto-marches etc. Through the dialogue, we find solutions to our mutual problems. When we, the working class say that “nothing changes”, we are digging our own grave. The fact is that from 2007 until now we have given countless battles against “small” and “bigger” bosses, most of which we have won. Without the union our victories would not have been accomplished, and our employers would still be bossing us around in the most arrogant way. We meet twice a week in our offices (every Tuesday and Saturday at 6 o’clock). On Tuesdays we gather to talk about labor disputes, meet new colleagues and consult each other. On Saturdays we meet for our weekly assembly, where we plan our general strategy. Our goal is to meet as many colleagues as possible and plan our struggles together.

28 Φεβρουαρίου, 2022

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