Updates on the mobilization of our colleagues of foodpanda (Myanmar)

Updates on the mobilization of our colleagues of foodpanda (Myanmar)

The mobilization of our colleagues of foodpanda (brand of Delivery Hero in Myanmar) that started on the 6th of June, goes on.

Their basic demands are the following:

  1. To set the minimum delivery fee to 670 kyats ($ 0.36) per delivery and increase the fee depending on the distance of the delivery and the batch of riders.
  2. To restrain the strict rules of the computer system of the software that is controlling the riders.
  3. To take responsibility for any accident or injury that happens during work hours. (Please be informed that we, the riders, will not accept the plan by the Foodpanda (Myanmar) after the recent negotiation to buy health and motor insurance with our own money by contracting with a third-party private insurance company.)
  4. To let riders take a full break day a week without taking any shifts as destined by the company if they wish to do this because of their personal matters.
  5. To use the Google Map system to determine both the travel distance of the order and to calculate the distance between the rider and the customer.
  6. To notify and inform the riders, concerning any changes made by Foodpanda (Myanmar), formally through the company’s official social media pages and Telegram channels at least a week in advance.
  7. To initiate a Hotline Phone number for riders to contact the company if they wish to resolve urgent issues or problems at any time.
  8. To issue a Foodpanda rider identification card for the delivery riders.

Below we upload the most recent photos about their mobilization.

From the far away Myanmar to the south of the Balkans , common struggle against the exploitation and the devaluement of our lives and our work by Delivery Hero and its brands. 


7 Ιουλίου, 2022

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