The prince turned out to be a frog!

prigkipas grill house /23, Harilaou Trikoupi Str. /Athens, Greece /
A brief glance on working conditions in modern Greece, motivated by the sacking of our colleague delivery in the grill house Prigkipas.

Everyone knows Greece as a holiday destination. Tenths of millions from abroad visit this southeastern blue skied paradise hoping to “live their myth” in the laced beaches of Greece.
But we, the workers of this city, the delivery workers of the tourist and food industry, instead of mythology, decided to share with you, our modern everyday “fairytale”. A “fairytale” about an unfair dismissal of an active unionist in the grill house “PRIGKIPAS” that is located in the center of Athens.
A “scarytale” of a grill house prince who, when concerning working rights, turned out to be a frog.
This grill house represents the average grill house of Athens, it could be the average grill house, restaurant or resort anywhere in the country. And most importantly, it represents the average working conditions. Which means that if you demand you get sacked, if you are a unionist you get sacked, if you break the silence of oppression and exploitation you get sacked. And that’s exactly what happened to our colleague delivery who demanded full working rights from the grill house PRIGKIPAS.
In Greece the minimum wage (the majority of the workers get paid) is 550 euros per month (five day, eight hour workweek). When you work as a delivery person you need at least 150 euros per month for gas, motorbike service and motorbike clothing and gear. And in most cases the businesses do not pay for these expenses. Instead they pass them on the delivery workers. That means that instead of 550 euros a month the delivery workers get 400 euros a month. And we have to live on a Greek salary with rents sky high and all the goods sold at European prices.
When it comes to social security, workers face another tragedy, another drama. The businesses contribute to the state insurance fund, only part (or in the best case) half of the money they should for social security. For the last ten years, under the pressure of the so called “economic crisis”, Greek workers of the private and public sector have been retreating. In many cases they are forced by businesses to return the Christmas, Easter and summer bonus. And that adds up to a double lost wage (more than a thousand euros per year). As for night shifts (from 10:00 p.m to 05:00 a.m) no one gets paid the extra 25% per hour.
And the majority of the workers do not speak out. They fear that they will lose their lousy jobs. They fear that if they speak out they will not find work again. Many workers are threatened by businesses and in extreme cases they even get bullied or beaten.
We, the Union for all motorbike drivers do speak out. We have been doing it continuously for the last twelve years and we are not planning to stop whatever the cost.
You can learn more about us if you visit our site www.sveod.gr
But most importantly, we want you to stand by our side, to support our unions struggle against poor working conditions, class oppression and exploitation. We want you to complain. And you can do that easily by commenting on trip advisor. Comment against the sacking of our colleague delivery girl, comment for the return of our colleague to her job, comment and support full working rights in Greece, in every job, in every profession, in every trade, in every industry.
Let’s turn trip advisor into a tool that works evenly for businesses and workers. Cause it can be a working rights advisor too. Send your complaints to trip advisor, www.prigkipas.gr , @prigkipas.exarheia , prigkipas.exarheia etc.
Let them know we are neither few or alone.

For a better tomorrow, in a better world

Motorbike Workers Union

Συνέλευση Βάσης Εργαζομένων Οδηγών Δικύκλου (Σ.Β.Ε.Ο.Δ.)

October 2019

21 Οκτωβρίου, 2019

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